Retrieving Existing Procurement Form

How to Save your Procurement Form?

To save your partially completed procurement forms at any given point, click on the “Save and Continue Later” button located at the bottom-left corner of the form, as highlighted in the figure below. You will be redirected to a new page with a confirmation that your procurement form was successfully saved.


Figure 1. Saving your procurement form.

How to Retrieve a partially completed Procurement Form?

If you have saved a partially completed procurement form as a Draft Procurement, you may use one of the following options to retrieve it:

  • Copy the provided URL provide to your preferred note-taking tool (i.e. Notepad, OneNote, Sticky Note etc.). This is a direct link to your existing procurement form. Paste it in any browser to resume your form exactly where you have left off.
  • Enter a valid email address and have the URL sent to you via email. Please allow up to a few minutes for the email to reach its destination. Once received, you can directly access your existing procurement by clicking on the hyperlink in the body of the email.


Figure 2. The direct URL for your existing procurement form

How long will your Procurement Form be available?

The system will retain your procurement form for 30 calendar days. On the 31st day, the link will expire, your form will no longer be retrievable, and you will have to fill out a new procurement form.

Where can you get additional information?

Please reach out to with any further question you may have on the ART tool and its use.